Our Services

James E. Hanson Management Co., provides the following services: Property Maintenance, Tenant Relations and Financial Reporting.


Property Maintenance

  • Prepare apartment turnovers
  • Supervision of building day to day upkeep, cleaning and care.
  • Interact with superintendents/onsite personnel.
  • Deal with outside contractors for specific work needs.

Tenant Relations

  • Screen prospective tenant/obtain credit report.
  • Handle rental showings
  • Prepare new tenant leases
  • Prepare lease renewals
  • Collect rents
  • Pursue overdue rent
  • Prepare court filings
  • Handle evictions

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare monthly financial management reports.
  • Handle accounts payables-taxes, insurance, utilities, supplies etc.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
  • Analyze capital improvement needs

Focusing on Property Residential Management North Jersey, our firm specializes in Tenant Relations, Property Maintenance, & Financial Reporting. We Provide a complete menu of services with the primary goal of minimizing vacancies, maintaining the sound condition of the property and increasing cash flow.